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Put people on or talk about an album or artist you recently started listening to or an artist you are revisiting or finally sitting down listening to. An artist that you thought about listening to but never got to it.

Probably similiar threads. But my thought is it should be a bit throwback vibe to it. 90s and early 2000s. Many people on here is 15-25. Tbf there are a lot of great music out there and artists from this era that dont get enough love. Or that if you really into finding and talking about music should know about. Especially if you just love music.

A lot of artists out there right now are using samples from this in there songs nowadays and inspiration.

Write what you think about the concept..

Either way Im starting off.

Recentley listened T-Pain "Rappa ternt Sanga" album. Shit dope af. Always known about him, but never sat down and listened some of the music. If you like R&B, definitely check that out.

Can see influence in a lot of what you hear today. Autotune. A rapper that sings. (mind you, this dropped 2005 also) Before 808s and Kanye.
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