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Seriously. I ordered a pair of their biker jeans about two weeks ago, arrived in my mailbox pretty fast, 4 days to Sweden. Opened the package and they looked fine. So I tried them on, I'm skinny so I got size 28" and was a bit nervous about them being to tight, heard they make their jeans super skinny.. that was not the case. Holy shit they were huge. First I tried to send them back but you can't find an address on their website for returns, even though they say it's there. Got a hold of them, explained the situation, told them that the jeans probably were wrongly labeled and it's impossible that the jeans I got was a size 28". Told them specifically to contact me before sending me a new a pair, cus I wanted to know if the fit were wrong otherwise I didn't want a new pair, also I'd rather have them in black than stone washed. So I shipped them off, paid about 25 pounds to return them to UK, even left a note in the bag telling them to contact me as soon as they got the package. 5 days later I track the package and find out they got it 2 days earlier. I write them an mail asking them about the jeans, they quickly responded that they exchanged the jeans and a new pair was sent the day before. I got a bit mad and wrote a new mail asking why they didn't contact me? And if the jeans were mis-labeled? No answer. I write another one. No answer.

So yesterday I picked up the new jeans only to find a note in the bag saying they replaced the 28" and instead send me a pair of 30".. "These will fit a bit smaller".. wait WHAT?

So instead they sent me a bigger size, where is the logic? So now I'm stuck with a pair of jeans that's way to big, gotta return these for another 25 pounds.. And I'm already out 90 pounds for the jeans, 11 for shipping, 25 for the first return. And they haven't responded to my mails for the last 5 days.

And what's strange is that my buddy have their blue jeans in size 28" and they fit super skinny on me.

Seriously, I've never had this amount of trouble with any customer

"Skinny jeans"

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