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Well yeah It's senior year I figured if I'm going to do it why not do it big.
Sneakers this year :
http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=97175.0 just switch the timbs with red wings and the low sbs with obsidian and gum janoskis
Clothes so far:

I have enough tees pretty much a few more pair of jeans and khakis and I'll be set till fall heres where my KTT brethren come in I need jackets,hoodies, and sweaters and some acessorys. Please no fitteds or snapbacks because I don't wear hats period mainly looking for some of those beaded or friendship bracelets and belts maybe a watch or two I was looking at some tanner goods belts but 90 for a belt just seems crazy but the light belts they have are the best I have seen. Help KKT fam put me on to some good shit...
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