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Recommend me mixtapes?

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I haven't listened to a ton of them; can people share what they feel are must-hear tapes? Time period doesn't matter, neither does artist.

Thanks in advance.
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The Man said:
Finally Famous sounded like a mixtape.
DeePhenom said:
-Blu- Blu Untaped
-Blu- Johnson & Jonson
-Blu- HerFavoriteColo(u)r
-Sene- A Day Late A Dollar Short
:h5:  A Day Late A Dollar Short is a classic tbh
DeePhenom said:

Yup, Sene is pretty underrated.
you ever listen to elevator music?
The Man said:
Otherwise known as Friday Night Lights by J.Cole.
Better then flockaveli though. (fuck what pitchfork got to say.)
Mamba said:
FNL>all em albums since the eminem show

k bye :work:
Lol i wouldn't go that far.

But FNL > Relapse tho.
1 - 7 of 40 Posts
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