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Recommend me mixtapes?

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I haven't listened to a ton of them; can people share what they feel are must-hear tapes? Time period doesn't matter, neither does artist.

Thanks in advance.
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Chip said:
KRIT Wuz Here, Section.80, returnof4eva, Warm Up
Krit Wuz Here
Return Of 4Eva

failed post.
Chip said:
indie albums are basically mixtapes...
Mixtapes are rapping over other people's beats usually, they aren't cohesive.

Section.80 is for sale and pretty sure krit calls both kwh and r4 albums.
Frooties said:
you ever listen to elevator music?
Otherwise known as Friday Night Lights by J.Cole.
Mamba said:
FNL>all em albums since the eminem show

k bye :work:
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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