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Here's the place to listen to Lupe's five most recent tracks if you are unfamiliar with his new material for 2015/16. Download links are provided. #TetsuoSeason

:fire: WASALU #1 :fire:

EXPRESS (Panda Remix) - 29th March 2016.

Bone (Babylon Remix) - 2nd March 2016

http://www108.zippy share.com/v/pf5qFc54/file.html

LAW (LoveAllWays) - 5th August 2015

http://www13.zippy share.com/v/eiHHVMds/file.html

Something That I Never Had - 12th May 2015.

http://www49.zippy share.com/v/jdInzDCc/file.html

Atomic Misphilosophy (F&LII: TGARA Pt. 2) - 12th March 2015.

http://www35.zippy share.com/v/RdZ5SmMf/file.html

For all of these tracks and more, check out Lupe Fiasco's "A BOUQUET" compilation album here (PM OP for a download link): http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=2405866.0


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1 - 2 of 88 Posts