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Bio:Rebellious Misfits was started in 2009 when Thomas had a dope idea for a clothing brand. The Rebelious Misfits grew when Demetrius saw the genius in Thomas's idea. Rebellious Misfits is not just another group. Rebellious Misfits is BRAND. Rebellious Misfits was created by friends for friends, to explore and expand thier talents in there own individual art. Whether it be music, fashion, or film the Rebellious Misfits love art. RM is a BRAND and a MOVEMENT!

This is a clothing made by people who were told there dreams are too far fetched, for people who choose to rebel against that type of mentality!

Check out some of our designs and photos of product will be posted between friday and Saturday

Twitter: @RebelMisfits
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebellious-Misfits/217169778334494?sk=info
Youtube: youtube.com/rebelliousmisfits
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