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Do y'all think I should continue working with this cat?

The top 2 are produced by me when I made dusty shit.

I'm not asking for feedback on the music, I just want to know if y'all think he has a chance of getting buzz. Back when I had little to no views on my shit I came across his shit and we ended up planning a mixtape, from then till now i've sent him like 9 beats to work with, but it's a 16 track mixtape. It's supposed to be entirely produced by me, but recently i've recieved a lot of opportunity's and offers for other programs that I will not get into right now. Basically, I can't be sending beats all willy nilly, only to rappers who seem to be serious and already pro. The beat for Lil B's NYU, the one I produced, I originally sent to this guy, and when he heard NYU he got all butthurt cause he said he would've made it better and he'll finish the mixtape on his own and that I should continue working with talentless rappers. But he messaged me saying if i'm still down to finish it for him, as you can see he's pretty immature. But besides that, do y'all think it would be worth finishing his mixtape up? Do y'all think y'all can see yourselves listening to 16 tracks with him rapping? Does his music appeal to y'all? He says he's gonna promote the shit out of it when it's out and that he'll get us famous but I kind of doubt it seeing as he has few views/comments.

tl;dr - Listen to the songs up there, do you think he can have a big buzz in the future?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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