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heres the run down.

the oldest skulls found in America are that of the Caucasoid skulls and not ********* or *******
it doesn't resemble any native american skull meaning that the first ppl were not the typical native americans u would think they are

On April 7, 2005, during the 109th Congress, United States Senator John McCain introduced an amendment to NAGPRA which (section 108) would have changed the definition of "Native American" from being that which "is indigenous to the United States" to "is or was indigenous to the United States." However, the 109th Congress concluded without enacting the bill. By the bill's definition, Kennewick Man would have been classified as Native American, regardless of whether any link to a contemporary tribe could be found.
Interesting to see that we might redefine the origins of America
maybe Caucasians dont have to feel like they arent natives anymore


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Powell said that Kennewick Man was not European but most resembled the Ainu and Polynesians. Powell said that the Ainu descend from the Jōmon people who are an East Asian population with "closest biological affinity with south-east Asians rather than western Eurasian peoples".
Powell concluded that Kennewick man "is clearly not a Caucasoid unless Ainu and Polynesians are considered Caucasoid."

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if the 3 skull types are caucasian, *********, & *******, what skull type would native americans have?? wouldn't it be a hybrid of cauc/********* since they crossed those ice paths and shit? or just mongol?

im lost
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