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I'm going to go ahead and make this thread, before we even do a guide on how to post because I'm tired of it, and a lot of other posters are as well. We'll work on the clutter later, but for the moment, any threads with overbearing, distracting, annoying,irrelevant, just-to-get-attention, gaudy, spammed with symbol, two sentence thread titles will be renamed.

If you don't know that includes things like:

"i have the best beat of all time i swear to gawd"
" **********^#^$&@^%@& My Beat &$#@%R&W**************** "

In more proper terms, threads that use excessive characters, make claims that one is superior to others here, and/or contain other irritating or otherwise irrelevant material are NOT ALLOWED.

Its annoying and it makes it hard to navigate this section.

Have some respect. If you're new and feel like you don't get enough attention, actually conversate with other members here. Give feedback. Participate in battles. People will start listening, trust me.

If I see its a recurring problem... well, lets not make it a recurring problem :) .
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