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Rate the shuffled song above you

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Lyfe Jennings-Greedy
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all i can say is 10/10

kiss - i was made for loving you...
i don't know what to rate from the above
ridin downtown A T L doesn't match anything... :dno:


Beogradski Sindikat - Oni su
FudgeSupreme said:

Kid cudi - Embrace the Martian
number two my ass :)
8.5/10... to bad they wasted such a nice beat on a girl

Jay-Z - Public service announcement
CT said:
wow am i mistaken or is this a sexist remark
man i love rihanna more than anybody... but i don't give a fuck about her music :)
Escobar21 said:

metallica - one
if it was me to vote - 8.5/10 ;)
i hated it 3/10
why this song man, whyyyyyyy???? ;)

Michael Jackson - You Rock My World
Fudge, who's gonna bring me my 5 minutes back? :mad:

Smut Peddlers - Bottom Feeders (watch the video bellow)
1 - 15 of 561 Posts
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