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"I'm sorry mom, I had to do it"  :oblivious:

"Me & Weezy Like A Mouth Full Of Hot Peppers" :oblivious:

"Where is Thomas Edison"  :oblivious:

"I'm Happy As Can Be Now"  :oblivious:

"I Can Son You, See A Little Me In Yo Dad"  :oblivious:

"Pull The Zipper Down And See... No **** Doe"  :oblivious:

"Drizzy I Got Us This Is My Promise" :oblivious:

"I Will Butt-Fuck Ya Friend... Then Suck Up Her Twin I Put The Buck Up To Him/Then Buck-Buck, & Buck-Buck, & Buck-Buck Again"  :oblivious:

"Fetch A Bone... Like a Dog Muthafuckka"  :oblivious:

"ZZ Top, Yes He Rock" :oblivious:

1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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