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chess matches light up in any way that you call it
same game, same color, different blocks, we all on it
economics stealing truth from a confused disabled youth

blinded by each story,
swagger ripping through their roots
grounded in bootcamp,
calling out the duty for the troops
keeping keys underneath a mat,
swinging out like baby ruth

foundation on my feet like Posture
this is new gen, here to dismantle every culture
you like your own style, yeah only crickets will agree
I'm stationed on the track, you taking arrows to the knee
and I keep heavy dreams in the dome, making scenes
wear them over head like caps, but they hurting like a spleen
lyrics so fresh, like they barely hit 18


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Ayo! I enjoyed reading this! Felt nice.
Gotta keep it coming, great work :h5:

That first part is my favorite :datass:
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