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Raise of tuition price in montreal *PEOPLE ARE GOING HAM TBH*

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they want to raise the price of tuition in montreal/quebec

people are going CRAZY about it tbh :work: 4 km (2.48548477 miles) of people manifesting in the montreal downtown

Before the raise increase rate based on 2006-2007
2006-2007 : 1668 $ -

With The raise
2011-2012 : 2168 $ 30 %
2012-2013 : 2493$ 49 %
2013-2014 : 2818 $ 69 %
2014-2015 : 3143 $ 88 %
2015-2016 : 3468 $ 108 %
2016-2017 : 3793 $ 127 %
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Meanwhile in america schools are still high as fuck.

Is that 3k a year?
Rowjay said:
yea boiii but we pay ALOT of taxes here
Would you happen to know how much off the top?
ghostrider said:
Taxes are higher in Canada for the right reasons though. Universal Health Care for example
Of course taxes will be higher in order to make up for free health care, and low tuition.
Rowjay said:
exactly but there are still charging more than they are supposed to when they raise the tuition charge
Are those schools private schools?
Rowjay said:
I know nothing of the Canadian educational system, so I do not know if they are allowed to raise tuition to an excessive amount.

I understand that a lot of taxes are payed, but I have a hard time getting past the numbers I see in this thread.

Have the schools in question responded yet?
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