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the other night i got blackout drunk for the 1st time
i've been drunk but not like that...last thing i remember was dancing to trapped in my mind
then i woke up soaking wet to my boy tellin me i threw up for like 20 minutes straight n tht i fell asleep in a creek ..i guess they pulled me outta the creek idk cause i woke up on the dirt

i just like hearing peoples tales of late night antics
anybody got any? :datass:
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Damn have to say I raged probably twice REALLY HARD that I ended up in the hospital after drinking a bottle of jager and taking 6 tequila shots of Jose Cuervo..  :dno: :dno:
Yo b & w party was a out of control rage! Police were called and threats were made.. DAMN!  :facepalm:
Vigor said:
Threats on lives haha. Yea
Good times tho. More 2 come homeboy
haha looking forward to it.. Not as intense tho..  but yes more to come!!
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