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Now how many cars does it take to get to:
Mack status, player status, pimp that gets, ya boy half rich fore' he hit show biz,
but show biz brought next level chicks,
pull up in dem hot cars, go and buy the whole bar ***** (uh oh)
i came from the dirt, what you want me to say?
I'm at the top of the world and life's a pussy buffet,
and that's why I get M-I-A,
shut the game down, so the bustas can't play
hell yeah I splurge money, hell yeah I act funny
Look at you like "fuck you" all the shit I been through
and it's a wonder why I'm still here,
said i was gone but I'm still here
and all you bitches that left me here,
it's kind funny how u right back here
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