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Pyrex is an artist from Toronto, Canada, seemingly on the verge of a major comeback. Here are the visuals to his smooth single 'Make It', produced by Batista.
I remember Pyrex as a rapper at the age of 16, safe to say, his style has changed a lot over the years. I'm unsure whether this song ends up on a project from the rapper-turned-singer, but with quality visuals and solid production, he's sure to gain attention.

'In this visual, I wanted to capture the different realities that people in my community contend and deal with that are often overlooked when depicted from an outsiders point of view. Rexdale is often shunned, but we have a rich history and a strong community with a lot of talent in it. We have a lot to offer: we just need a shot.'

VIDEO: Pyrex - Make It | CultureLeak.com

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