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Punk Goes Pop 3 - KanYe West Covers (Coming Soon)

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The World Alive - Heartless (Kanye West)

Miss May I - Run This Town (Jay-Z Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)

Most of you probably don't care......im just reporting on it.

For Those of you that DO CARE : Pop Goes Punk 3 comes out November 2nd
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i think Heartless will be pretty dope.
Miss May I is hardcore Run This Town will be very interesting lol
hey don't hate on Warped Tour

Of Mice & Men are the shit.  :sarc2:
yeah i agree, Punk is almost dead now, it's kinda sad.

i listen to shit like

Of Mice & Men
A Day To Remember
Devil Wears Prada
We Came As Romans
were? i only have one album what happened to them?
RelaxRelapse said:
oh well i love their self titled album. if that's what your talking about isn't good anymore do you mind Pming there other stuff?
RelaxRelapse said:
The kicked out their vocalist / song writer.. they have a new one, but I don't think it feels the same..
yeah i understand a lot of people won't like this stuff

just wanted to report on it for the people will like and it and it's Kanye related
Zero said:
I don't think I understood a single line in that song. >_<
aww shit, that sucks. i loved the other guy i saw them front row at warped tour he was amazing
RelaxRelapse said:
They still had the same vocalist (when I say vocalist I mean screamer) on their self titled album.. On the clip for Punk Goes Pop it's the other guy..
AJYP said:
ohhhh. then i guess i like them both.
the new guy was dope as hell live.
RelaxRelapse said:
if you saw them this year they already had the new guy.. The old one got kicked out after the album and like one tour, but he couldn't really tour anyways cause he had a heart condition.
who are the opening for? aren't they on that This Is A Family Tour?
RelaxRelapse said:
That's cool.. I didn't get to see them that year, but I'll see them opening for a band I'm seeing in December so I'll see if I think he's any good.
you don't like any of the other bands?

but :h5:
YeezyMtK said:
Yes about the Silverstein part! :h5:
what's the other band?

dope man dope, i wish i was going.
RelaxRelapse said:
yeah he was in AA! then OM&M and now he started another band..
Yeah they're opening for Attack Attack!.. I got tickets for the Houston show this December..
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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