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realwords said:
Hey everyone, figured I'd put together this little buyer's guide for you. Using these methods, me and seven of my friends managed to get seven General Admission tickets for the Verizon Center in Washington, DC individually.

Step One
The most IMPORTANT and overlooked step in the Ticketmaster purchase process is the idea of CLEARING YOUR BROWSER'S COOKIES/ cache.

If you are unaware of how to do this, please read this guide.

This should be done between each attempt to refresh the Ticketmaster page, ESPECIALLY if you're switching Presale Ticket purchasing options (i.e. attempting to buy through Tidal's ticketmaster page, then switching to trying to use Livenation's Facebook code.

Getting this error?

Only seeing the Tidal options available for purchase despite wanting to try the Facebook methods?

The best way to mitigate these issues is by clearing your browser's cookies/cache, or using your browser's incognito mode.

This error occurs, by my approximation, to be an automatic flood-prevention system by Ticketmaster to prevent their site from slowing down from hundreds of people refreshing their ticket locator system a lot.

The second part of the process is finding a viable pre-sale. For the most part, you have a couple of options depending on your venue:

Got an American Express Card? Select the "American Express Preferred Seating" option. Use code "8778770987" (must have AMEX card to check out)
Got $350 dollars to spare and don't want the hassle of constantly refreshing? Select the VIP option to have guaranteed access to the General Admission VIP section.
Want to have the best chance of getting into your venue's General Admission without spending $350 dollars? GO FOR THE PRESALE.
The best chance of getting GA tickets is within the first two hours of it first being available. Each presale has a certain amount of General Admission floor seats available for it. So don't fret if you miss the one today.

Also, if you don't mind being in another section, don't pass up a good seat for GA. These will be the hottest commodity on people's "refreshes" on Saturday. I would not recommend passing up close, grouped seats for General Admission.

THE CODE FOR LIVENATION'S FACEBOOK PRESALE IS "SAINT" or "PABLO", depending on your venue. Try both.

This code has been available for East Coasters since 10 AM EST, and the one for West Coasters has been available since 10 AM PST. Sorry for making this post late, but it's still worth a try.

There is pre-sale day tomorrow, 6/17/2016 through Ticketmaster's Livenation portal. If so, the code for this will be "LEGEND" Stand by for confirmation on this.

Feel free to shoot me some questions and I'll add them to OP.

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