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Production Vs Beatmaking

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Quincy Jones...

He didn't play every instrument on this. So just because he only played 1, or 2 does that means he didn't produce this? :cmon:

Kanye West...
Yep this is Produced By RZA, No-I.D., Mike Dean & Jeff Bhasker, since Kanye didn't sit in front of Pro Tools or his MPC and sequence everything he didn't make this beat. Kanye looses credibility as the GOAT blahblahblah...... :bye: if you think this.

Production is pretty much in shorter terms, piecing together the song/final product. Quincy Jones & Kanye both do it, shit Dr. Dre and a lot of others do it. I don't see people bitching when it comes to other producers, but in the genre of Hip-Hop it's a big deal for some reason. Bringing in other people to help create a song is NOT a bad thing people.

Linear notes for a Quincy Jones track will just show Drums played by _____, Saxaphone played by _____, Keyboards played by ______ and etc. etc. Kanye West just puts Co-Produced by whoever the fuck and Mike Dean & Jeff Bhasker because that's how it goes. If you actually a know a thing or 2 about Kanye, you should know he used to ghost produce (aka do what Mike Dean does WITHOUT any credit at all) So Kanye is actually being cool by throwing there names out there. I mean for christ sake we have a Mike Dean face as a smiley on this website. lol. The traditional idea of production should not be shunned in hip-hop. I embrace it.

and most importantly........

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the ignorance in hip hop concerning what the real meaning of producer is, is really sad to me. great explanation OP
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