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Primetime shoulda made the album

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I mean that beat brings back memories of some College Dropout type song, Ye and Jay shoulda had this song set up like Otis where they bounce verses off eachother. But still, this song is mean..... I mean that shit eats soft ass songs like Lift Off and Made it in America for breakfast. Kanye killed that shit dude.

/endmyrand :)
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Prime Time and Illest both should have made the album, but I guess they wanted to give people more incentive to buy the deluxe.
Yeah Illest Mofo Was DOPEEEE and Primtime was VERY DOPE.I Loved them both im glad they were deluxed songs
all the bonus tracks shouldve been on the album imo. make WTTJ and MIA bonus
Like Primetime is classic Kanye flow type shit. I'm surprised it doesn't get as much recognition
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