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Post your twitters itt

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i want more music discussion on my tl, too many shitty memes and people who dont understand what kanye is saying
:floyd: :floyd: :floyd: :floyd: :floyd: :floyd: :floyd:
ill follow everyone who posts itt

mine: https://twitter.com/sean_salois

edit: you get bonus points if you love satire like the onion, clickhole, the hard times, etc
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HFM said:
Nice sunglasses and hair Sean
thanks dude! thats from a show i played at the aquarius theatre in los angeles, 1969
Wiggler said:
I'll follow you but I don't tweet at all.
ill follow back its nbd
datcholo said:
how you got 289 followers but no one liking your shit
i ask myself the same thing
CelticsIn2022 said:
Nah, you don’t be talking about anything.
i delete my tweets all the time cus i make fye jokes and nobody interacts w them :(
lil yzy vert said:
what happens when you buy followers
maxwms said:
I followed you

followed back even though you're a plebeian
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Full Send said:
twitter.com/itsmebedhead follow ya boy

classic :whew:
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Bay B Ray J said:
can someone explain satire to me?
i cant tell if this is a joke or not
Good Yute said:
imagine being one of those execs sitting there completely still watching that happen/5
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1 - 11 of 46 Posts
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