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Seemed like at first dude was wylin like the TLOP roll out, but this not the same at all

Sticking to political controversy cus everyone pays attention to politics in some sort. Even papers like The Hill gotta write about Ye now

#1 trending and still 4 weeks from the start of the 5 albums. The amount of damage that he can still do is unknown to man.

Highly anticipated Charlemagne interview aint even out yet and he has all eyes on him from both sides. Black, White (or any race), Republican, Democrat, Independent....everyone has had to pay attention to Ye at some point since he got on twitter.

Then he explains it all in the album, and massive amounts of people is gonna be forced to listen in anticipation.  Even if you don't purchase it you'll most likely have to stream it. Ye managed to become more unavoidable than Pablo Era in just 2 weeks

Fucking genius :yejoice:
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