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"This brief poem by rapper Kanye West packs a powerful spiritual punch," they write, introducing the last of West's three entries. "One feels he or she too is 'home' at Gucci."

The duo laugh at comments about their anthology that suppose "the collapse of civilization is near," Ross says. While each "poem" is free for anyone to dissect with a close reading, the book's intention is clearly satire.

The 261-page book (Workman Publishing, $11.95) is upfront about where the verse came from. On the copyright page, the authors -- sibling writers Kathryn and Ross Petras -- state, "The text of the 'poems' . . . comprises quotations from actual interviews, blogs and other published sources."

Kanye West:

I won't go into a big spiel
about reincarnation,
But the first time I was in the Gucci store
in Chicago
Was the closest I've ever felt

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