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Pitchfork and Kanye + they will give MBDTF a 9.7/10

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Calling it. Who has the FAITH?

They love Ye:

CD - 8.4
LR - 9.5
Graduation - 8.9
808s - 7.5
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - 9.7
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no, I can understand the Waka review, but Rolling Stone gave The Jonas Brothers a four star review...FAIL!!! And at least Pitchfork isnt still sucking the cocks of Pearl Jam, U2, and Bruce Springsteen every time they put out a new album... so no, I'd rather read Drowned in Sound
Wake Up Mr. West said:
rolling stone > pitchfork
Waka and Gucci albums/mixtapes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Recovery
Marshall Mathers said:

they gave good reviews to Waka & Gucci
Porcelina said:
Stop trolling please. Even if that's your opinion, you saw his username and posted it. There's no need.
The Illmatic Dropout said:
I like Pitchfork because at least they break down what they liked and disliked about the album and give reference points. Rolling Stone doesn't really do much but give information about tracks and such.

And while I think Gucci and Waka Flocka's albums overall were average at best, they do release pretty catchy singles. And fuck, it's for the hipster set, who don't really listen for the quality, they listen for the context.
yea the only problem with Pitchfork is the writing, but they have pretty good (imo great) taste in music
joe said:
Pitchfork is miles better than Rolling Stone, but their reviews can get astoundingly pretentious(and subsequently hilarious).
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