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Peyton Manning

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Easily the greatest Quarterback of the 2000-2010 era.

& still going strong.

I love The Colts!
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smh Peyton Manning is as clutch. He drives them down the field and ges the points. Yes the super Bowl might have been his fault, but it's not like Brady doesnt fuck up in clutch situations. Look at the 2007 super bowl. The best team of the decade and could only muster up 14 points or w/e it was
Tito. said:
Well duh Manning is a better QB than Brady. Far better.

It's just that anyone smart would take Brady over Manning when the most important games come down to the line. Peyton is a below average playoff QB.
We beat the same ravens that whooped the PAts in the wildcard. And pats had Brady so...
Yah cause they lost the most important. Stop hanging on to his dick. U guys flame on Manning for winning all those regular season games last year and losing to the Saints who were as superior probably more cause they had a d. The Giants beat the far superior Patriots. with YOUR GAWD TOM BRADY.
Tito. said:
Are you saying Tom Brady isn't clutch because his 18-0 New England Patriots team (best record in NFL history btw) didn't win 19 games?
Tito. said:
That has nothing to do with anything. Get on topic, please.
***** thats quite on topic. Brady wasnt too clutch against the Ravens now was he..
smh ***** u funny. Who knows Peyton coulda had 3 super bowls... If Vanderjagt would kicked in that field goal. If our d wasnt so got damn shitty against the run in the 07 playoffs. Both of those games Peyton was clutch enough and got them in a posistion to win. Vinatieri had to score wat a 57 yarder against the rams. like a 55 yarders vs the panthers. and Peyton Manning has the best comback of alltime against the bucks so GTFO. Next.
Tito. said:
Bigblack. Do you realize that Tom Brady has three Super Bowl rings, each of which were won by three points, the second best playoff record of all-time, and the most comeback victories for a quarterback in NFL history?

Peyton Manning has an 8-8 playoff record and it's a day for celebration if they make it out of the first game.

Are you saying Tom Brady isn't clutch because his 18-0 New England Patriots team (best record in NFL history btw) didn't win 19 games?
No it's not. What do the Patriots losing to the Ravens have to do with anything. Didn't the Buccaneers beat the Saints last year (yes, it was legit)?

So the '09 Bucs are more clutch than the '09 Saints? Fuck out of here. Next.
lol and in regards to this it was a playoff game. And you say Brady is the best playoff qb couldnt get out of the fucking wildcard. Peyton lost in the super bowl due to an onside kick pretty much
Tito. said:
No it's not. What do the Patriots losing to the Ravens have to do with anything. Didn't the Buccaneers beat the Saints last year (yes, it was legit)?

So the '09 Bucs are more clutch than the '09 Saints? Fuck out of here. Next.
Alright peace bruh lol. Ur an idiot i just told you peyton put em in posistions to win. the year sproles ran on us in the playoffs who got em to overtime? The year vanderjadgt missed that kick who got em in field goal range that was closer than Vinatieris game winning kick in 99? And the fuck we got a old ass vinatieri lmao did u see those missed kicks against the fucking redskins fuck outta here with that bullshit.

Last year when the colts played the patriots...

Tito. said:
And look who put him in position to score those field goals. Tom Brady. Who didn't? Peyton Manning.

Excuses, excuses. You know the Colts have Adam Vinatieri now so what's the excuse there? They've had him for four years.

Look. I'm going to make this simple.

Tom Brady has three Super Bowl championships, the second best playoff record of all-time, an 18-1 football team which is the most wins in a single season, and the most comeback victories ever...and you're trying to tell me Peyton Manning is more clutch because he won three games in the Playoffs once in his entire career?

You know, I think I'm gonna go to the Kanye Section so I can talk to more "intelligent" people.
If the Saints wouldn't have tried the onside kick. The colts prob wouldve been up even more. And the int prob wouldnt have happened. But i guess the onside kick turnover was Peytons Fault too
Tito. said:
Correct me if I'm wrong, Art--Tom Brady has like 14 playoff victories to four losses. Three Super Bowls, one loss. Peyton Manning is 8-8. Two Super Bowls, one loss.

And you're trying to tell be that Manning is more clutch because of all of the playoff appearances Brady has, he didn't make it out of the Wildcard once? Sigh.

And Peyton lost in the Super Bowl because he threw a game-losing interception. Which Tom Brady has never thrown in a Super Bowl game before.
Wow tito you only look at peytons mistake in any fucking debate about him. He had no defense for most of his carreer. Thats why hes almost breaking like every passing record cept the farve ones i think. And if the debate is about whose more clutch i think it's vinatieri
Tito. said:
Well, if the Patriots hadn't scored 24 points, the Eagles prob. would've beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

And if Tom Brady broke his leg vs. the Rams in that first Super Bowl, the Rams probably would've beaten the Patriots.

Versus Carolina, maybe if a meteor came down and blew up everybody on the Patriots sideline, Carolina might've beaten New England. Maybe.

And if all that happened, Peyton Manning would be more clutch than Tom Brady.

If, if, if, maybe, maybe, maybe, coulda, shoulda, woulda. Let's get back to talking about who the most clutch quarterback is.
Never called u a brady fan once. Recheck ur sources. But get off his dick. Horry has 7 Championships and Kobe has 5. Whose more clutch??
Tito. said:
The sad thing is, despite bigblack calling me a Brady fan, I hate Brady, and I think Peyton Manning is a far better quarterback.
Vinatieri won those games u dumbass. Vanderjagt didnt with an easier attempt in a dome. The d didnt stop em in 07. And the speciel teams couldnt recover the onside kick in 09.. But w/e manning isnt clutch
Tito. said:
Do you realize what the difference in our posts was?

Sure, Manning put them in position to win those games. Brady won those games.

Shit, I could put the Colts in position to win a game but if I don't do it then what's the point of bringing it up? I don't get you. One of the greatest football teams of all-time has an 8-8 playoff record and one Super Bowl victory in an entire decade? That doesn't add up at all.
I said almost breaking learn how to win. Do they not teach u that in grade 12. And Vinatieri won those game u know it i know it. 57 yard game winning kick to a what 49 kick by vanderjagt.

Tito. said:
I didn't mention any Peyton mistake in my post. Manning has one of the greatest teams of all-time. If you can annually win 12+ games in the regular season with a terrible defense, I don't see how that defense becomes an excuse come playoff time. You should look up the definition of "insanity".

How does he break the record if Favre still holds them.

Vinatieri isn't a quarterback.

Tito. said:
Michael Jordan has 4520783279 game-winning shots.

I have one.

Who's more clutch?
And yah u did mention manning mistakes when u talked about the interception.

xactly dude never takes in account the poor defense and no run game. Everyone knows peyton got em in posistions to win. Look at the fucking jags game this year. Peyton took it right down the field and scored a td. All the d had to do was hold em off for what 40 some minutes but no 60 yard field goal..
smh I never knew about Garcon prior to last year. Never knew of Collie prior to this year. Never heard of Branch prior to the super bowl that year. Cmon dont bring in that bullshit about who had better teams. Peyton Manning is the system in Indy. Brady, plays in a system. In which Cassel also played well in. Anyways im out. Ur too funny
Tito. said:

Sigh. Do you think Fran Tarkenton and Jim Kelly were clutch QB's? Each of them led their teams to four Super Bowls.

Manning might have a "weak" defense (which I'm still questioning the legitimacy of that statement because defenses don't decide to suck as soon as Week 17 is over), but Brady's offense prior to 2007 was much weaker than the Colts Hall of Fame-stacked offense.

No matter which way you slice it, at the end of the day, Brady has 3 championships, the 2nd best playoff record ever, and the most comeback victories by a QB of all-time. It's not really because Brady plays for the "All-Madden" team you find on Create-A-Team.
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