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People's Choice Awards 2011 - Vote for Kanye!

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He got two nominations. Which are... "Favorite Male Artist" and "Favorite Hip-Hop Artist". So what are you waiting for?


Hey by the way this reminds me of the funny BET video he did... Or was it on SNL? Anyway LIRL this reminded me of it!
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i voted

for jay :problem?:
More votes please lol.
Voted! You get 5 votes, but people should only vote for Ye, otherwise the other artists are gonna get higher up.
Voted "Other" :problem?:

Jk jk  :hug:
this is a tedious voting process tbh... but i voted a few times...
Is Kevin James hosting this years show,, too?

No Kevin James, no vote from me :dno:

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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