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I see you staring in the mirror counting issues in your mind
But never worry baby they all start to vanish with some time
Yet you thoughts will always clatter like the drop of a dime
But i’ll always calm your nerves with the spit of a rhyme
The issues of the past can’t do shit but fuck our present
I’ve been sitting here restless with my mind becoming demented
Every moment I feel like this is becoming my death sentence
Every obstacle I climbed i’m starting to fucking question
Don’t ever turn into me turn into a soldier in battle
Be ready to find the problems shoot em down baby you gotta tackle
Take life by its horns and remember always being willing to tangle
Your life is hanging in the balance and the devil isn’t afraid to strangle
Yet your heart is so huge and your voice is soothing
You make my soul sing girl I don’t how the hell you do it
But these feelings i’ll never take for granted and thats a promise
You beautiful angel given from the god signed by Mr.Honest

Last night I decided to sit alone and slowly slit my writs
Then afterwards I poured peroxide and salt in and just let it sit
I just wanted to see if I felt any pain, but honestly I didn’t feel shit
As I light a blunt to the thoughts I wrote and threw into a bottomless pit
I see the sky turning red and the ground soon begins to disappear
As I fall into dust of clouds turned into a cinematography of my fears
3D portraits surrounded in fog keeps my mind free from clear judgment
As my demons dance around in circles because we all know they just love it
The Devil’s got a brand new dress, this female always down for fucking
My brain is always her first target because she finds it oh so funny
Where’s God through all of this? I ask myself that every second
I guess he would have guarded my soul if I didn’t agree to sell it
Now i’m stuck with the fact I put it within the wrong hands
So now I kneel and pray for wishes given to me by the wrong man

My eyes are a deep piercing red and my lashes slowly start to bleed
I’m not a human I never was i’m some sort of new sicker breed
When I came out of the womb I wonder if the doctor saw this seed
As a disaster and just dropped me in the trash and just let me be
Don’t you just find it funny how this story started so sweet?
Then turned into something maniacal you just can’t repeat
I love to scare myself it’s such a good wake up
With the stomp of my feet the world feels vibrations what a shake up
As my hair grows longer and longer I could really use a shape up
With all these marks across my ugly face I could really use some make up
Even though those two words ever do shit for me
Since every girl I tried to make up with just spit on me
I hope each one of you just dies slowly and miserably
Feel what I feel please, just feel all the fucking misery
God just the thought of you all it does is sicken me
But i’m truly smarter thanks to all the hell you’ve given me

I just shot a bullet through my skull pierced through the other side
Yet i’m still here, still fucking waiting to know whats on the other side
What else is left that i’m supposed to do? Whats left of this ride
I never even purchased the ticket for it so why am I even obliged
To withstand the agony of waiting for my body to bleed out and let me fly
Let me see my Grandpa take me in and be happy again, no need to ever cry
Let me see my Aunt again, she didn’t even deserve to be gone
Yet you still keep me around? Okay, something is seriously wrong
Oh well, what could I possibly due but watch the world spin around me
As I watch the sky fall and clouds and stars begin to surround me
I’m burning to death, i’m burning to death and I don’t even feel it
The world is beautiful, it’s beautiful and i’ve yet to even see it
My skin is gone, my mind is gone, my brain is gone, i’m nothing but ashes
Then everything becomes normal, no scars, no cuts, no bruises, no gashes
Its funny how in one solitary second your whole life just flashes
All the symptoms of my favorite problem to endure, Paranoia. How Tragic

            -Gone But Calm
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Gulpin said:
this is some deep shit man
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