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I contemplated killin shit, premeditated murder
now a ***** gotta go platinum, Im the silver surfer
Now thats word to my excellence
Opulence, decadence
In laymon's terms I'm hella fresh
Watch the throne?
No watch the ***** spittin with the Ray-Bans on
I'm even number 1 in Beijing
I got Olympic gold
..Socrates couldn't fathom what a ***** know
Plugs in many outlets
A ***** bout to overload
Account overseas, Swiss cheese, I got plenty ho's
Automatic flow, no reload, you are manual
Pocket full of Jackson's, I aint talkin bout the family though
Yo girl got an adam's, her real name must be Samuel
Photo shoot fresh, You know what the business is
Several businesses, self-made, that's initiative
What's with all the hate? What is this for?
I guess I'm getting paid for my age: bar mitzvah

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