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Otis- Materialistic Lyrics

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Do the materialistic lyrics on Otis bother you?

I've been reading comments/blog post reviews and they're have been quite a few who are upset that they mostly rap about how rich they are. I don't understand why it would bother someone so much. Ironically if bothers you does that mean you are jealous. I may not have all the money in the world, but it doesn't bother me that Jay and Ye have more
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I understand what the OP is saying but great lyricism is great lyricism at the end of the day, it can still provoke emotion and have you like "DAMN, mannn I want a G450 and 5 passports !" They're just spittin' whats real to them.
TheCoolest said:
Luxury Rap >>>>>  :slick:
This is pretty much the theme of the album. The lyrics on this song are materialistic in a high class way. Personally I wasn't really expecting any sort of meaningful/deep lyrics when I heard how they chopped up the beat. This was a "you mad cuz I'm shittin on you" type song and once you realize that it's easier to appreciate that. I'm sure there'll be some meaningful songs on the album (if you read about the listening party then you know there will be) but come on it's Jay-Z and Kanye West and the album's called Watch The Throne. Songs like this are to be expected. Both guys killed it anyway.
i  just like a mix of both. i want my roses and my "touch the sky" i want "everything i am" plus "good life"
NoOneMan23 said:
i  just like a mix of both. i want my roses and my "touch the sky" i want "everything i am" plus "good life"
and you could get that

you havent heard the album yet
Phucker said:
Nah, I'd say that it's useless waste of verses. It has nothing to do with being jealous. It's just empty words that most people cannot relate to. Lyrics that bring out feelings and emotions are priceless. This discussion on wealth is not even a try to reach out to the listeners. If it's that big of a deal to Jay & Ye, then fine. I just wish they'd have something meaningful to say. Them being rich means nothing to me.
I dont mean to call out people but whoever thought they werent gonna brag on an album called Watch The Throne then you were being extremely naive
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