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Otis- Materialistic Lyrics

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Do the materialistic lyrics on Otis bother you?

I've been reading comments/blog post reviews and they're have been quite a few who are upset that they mostly rap about how rich they are. I don't understand why it would bother someone so much. Ironically if bothers you does that mean you are jealous. I may not have all the money in the world, but it doesn't bother me that Jay and Ye have more
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I think some people aren't reading my entire post, IT DOESNT BOTHER ME. I'm just trying to start up a discussion.

Plus I found this http://rapgenius.com/Kanye-west-otis-lyrics

Good break down of the songs lyrics.
noo lets all start being lupe and rap about politics and our personal lifes.. yeaaaah
Pelé said:
Do you realize your on a Kanye fan site? What's the main content of his lyrics? Run along now.
who won the vote? I missed the rest of the thread
They kidding or what? This is hip hop first of all, get used to it. Second of all there are songs where they go harder than this about materialism, and they choose to pick on Otis. Third of all, it's called Watch The Throne. Fourth of all, there are songs on the album that are not about materialism too.
rg19 said:
who won the vote? I missed the rest of the thread
lol I think it got lost on like pg 10.
Pelé said:
lol I think it got lost on like pg 10.
Lol Im gonna go dig for it
Not really. Its pretty much what I expect from the both of them @ this point in their careers, especially Jay
What did they expect it to be about anyway?
alaska said:
Tyler said:
Materialistic lyricism doesn't bother me.

Lazy materialistic lyricism bothers me. That's what this album has been so far.

There's a difference. It's the difference between the lyricism on HHNF and the lyricism on Thug Motivation 102, for example.
Non materialistic lyrics when the album is called Watch The Throne<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Conscious and political rap sound forced and preachy
So no one sees the difference between good materialistic lyricism and bad materialistic lyricism?

WTT has the latter, so far. It's just lazy.
BigWorldJust said:
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