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I normally don't do this shit, but fuck it, I'm bored at work.

KLive KTT Army gets shit done. :stronger:

http://clicktotweet.com/27B7i <- For the lazy people :work:

I'll add people's names here so it's easier to RT and stuff. Let's go! :)

RobHiko -> http://twitter.com/RobHiko
YeezyDude -> http://twitter.com/YeezyDude
bcb -> http://twitter.com/heybcb
ryanmescudi -> http://twitter.com/DJ_Rh1n0
Spaceship. -> www.twitter.com/amazing808s
Hodgy Beats -> http://twitter.com/AnjomarN
edawg -> http://twitter.com/edawg21sbr
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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