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Oh hey, just a list of all Kanye's productions ever

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This is everything non-album (Albums are: Beat Tape Collection Vol. 1 & 2, College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) he has ever produced that is available online. was going to upload it but new piracy rules etc. I'm trying to find a way to post it without getting fucked over by the admins and or police, until then PLEEEASE no messages asking for me to upload as they break my heart.

There are no 'repeats', so if you can't find a beat then chances are he used it in an earlier song.

See if you can catch me out.

Also haven't been paying attention in the past month or so - if anything's come out from him in that time then I probably won't have it.

All these beats are available online to the savvy Googler. Enjoy.

213 - Another Summer [P][v1] 040817.mp3
Abstract Mindstate - Downtown [P] 040000.mp3
Abstract Mindstate - Insanity [P] 050000.mp3
Abstract Mindstate - Pain [P] 010612.mp3
Abstract Mindstate - The Gospel [P] 060504.mp3
Abstract Mindstate - Welcome To Chicago [V][P] 040000.mp3
Agacee - Take Control [P] 040000.mp3
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You [Remix] [P] 050110.mp3
Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name [P] 031202.mp3
Apathy - Can't Nobody [P] 041228.mp3
Aura - Crazy [P] 020000.mp3
AZ - Love Is All Love [P] 040602.mp3
Beanie Sigel - Gangsta, Gangsta [P] 010626.mp3
Beanie Sigel - Nothing Like It [P] 010626.mp3
Beanie Sigel - The Truth [P] 000229.mp3
Big Sean - Glenwood [V][P] 090418.mp3
Black Pegasus - Someday [P] 051130.mp3
Black Star - Brown Sugar (Raw) [P] 020924.mp3
Boo & Gotti - 600 [P] 030826.mp3
Boo & Gotti - Gangsta [P] 030826.mp3
Brandy - Talk About Our Love [P] 040328.mp3
Brandy - Where You Wanna Be [P] 040328.mp3
Britney Spears - Me Against The Music [Remix] [P] 031020.mp3
Bump J - Lock Me Down [P] 040000.mp3
Bump J - Move Around [P] 040000.mp3
Bump J - Nobody Eats But Me [P] 050000.mp3
Bump J - Pusha Man [V][P] 050000.mp3
Bump J - Tomorrow [P] 050000.mp3
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous [Remix] [P] 040000.mp3
Cam'Ron - Dead Or Alive [P] 020514.mp3
Cam'Ron - Dipset Forever [P] 041207.mp3
Carl Thomas - The Way That U Do [V][P] 040101.mp3
Cassius Henry - The One [P] 040101.mp3
Chamillionaire - Call Some Hoes [P][v2] 040215.mp3
Chris Brown - Down [V][P] 070823.mp3
Common - Be [P] 050524.mp3
Common - Black Maybe [P] 070731.mp3
Common - Break My Heart [P] 070731.mp3
Common - Chi City [P] 050524.mp3
Common - Drivin' Me Wild [C][P] 070731.mp3
Common - Faithful [P] 050524.mp3
Common - Follow Me [P] 070700.mp3
Common - Forever Begins [P] 070731.mp3
Common - Go [P] 050524.mp3
Common - Next Time [P] 070700.mp3
Common - Real People [P] 050524.mp3
Common - Southside [V][P] 070525.mp3
Common - Start The Show [C][P] 070731.mp3
Common - Testify [P] 050524.mp3
Common - The Corner [C][P] 050524.mp3
Common - The Food [Studio Version] [C][P] 050524.mp3
Common - The Game [P] 070731.mp3
Common - The People [P] 070731.mp3
Common - They Say [V][P] 050524.mp3
Consequence - Been Robbed [P].mp3
Consequence - Complications [P] 070829.mp3
Consequence - Don't Forget 'Em [P] 070306.mp3
Consequence - Everybody Told Me [P].mp3
Consequence - He Don't Wanna Know [P].mp3
Consequence - On My Own.mp3
Consequence - So Soulful [V][P] 040622.mp3
Consequence - Take It As A Loss [V][P] 040622.mp3
Consequence - Turn Yaself In [V][P] 040622.mp3
Consequence - Waited Too Long [P] 110503.mp3
Consequence - Whatever U Want [V][P] 090615.mp3
Consequence - Yard 2 Yard [P] 040622.mp3
CRS - Don't Stop! [V][P] 081011.mp3
CyHi Da Prynce - Woopty Doo.mp3
Czar Nok - A Time to See [P] 050830.mp3
D12 - D12 World [P] 040427.mp3
Da Brat - Chi Town [P] 000407.mp3
Da Outfit - One 87th [C][P] 960000.mp3
Dame Dash - Champions [V][P] 021104.mp3
Damon Lamar - Where Do We Go From Here [P] 040700.mp3
Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop [P] 000208.mp3
Diddy - Everything I Got [V][P].mp3
Diddy - Everything I Love [P].mp3
Dilated Peoples - This Way [V][P] 040406.mp3
DJ Kay Slay - No Problems [P] 070918.mp3
DJ Khaled - Grammy Family [V][P]060508.mp3
DJ PNS - Response to Kanye (Feel It In Your Chest) [P] 970300.mp3
DJ Scratch - Ready To Go [V][P]060118.mp3
DMX - Dogs Out [P] 030916.mp3
Do Or Die - Higher [C][P].mp3
Do Or Die - Paid the Price [V][P].mp3
Drake - Find Your Love [P].mp3
Drake - Show Me A Good Time [P].mp3
Drake - You Know You Know [P].mp3
Dwele - Hold On [Remix] [V][P] 040615.mp3
E.C. Illa - Mask & A Pump [P] 020000.mp3
E.C. Illa - Strugglin' [P] 020000.mp3
Fabolous - Like This [V][P] 061120.mp3
Fabolous - My Life [P] 030304.mp3
Fabolous - Supa [P] 070611.mp3
Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race [Remix] [V][CO-P] 070205.mp3
Foxy Brown - My Life [P] 990126a.mp3
Freeway - Hear the Song [P] 030225.mp3
Freeway - Philly ****** [P] 060803.mp3
Freeway - Show Go On [P] 021200.mp3
Freeway - Turn Out the Lights [P] 030225.mp3
Geda K - Respect Carter [P] 010000.mp3
GLC - Big Screen [V][P] 081118.mp3
GLC - Get The Fuck Outta Dodge [P] 081209.mp3
GLC - Heaven [P] 081028.mp3
GLC - Hood Celebrity [P] 040000.mp3
GLC - Hurricanes [P].mp3
GLC - It Wasn't My Cadillac [P] 030000.mp3
GLC - Take Me Out [P] 040000.mp3
GLC - They Love Me [P].mp3
Go Getters - All I Need [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Baby On The Way [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Dem Guys [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Freestyle On Bad Boy Radio [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Let 'Em In [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Mind Your Business [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - No Love [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - Oh, Oh [P] 990000.mp3
Go Getters - World Record Holders [P] 990000.mp3
Goodie Mob - Rebuilding [P] 991221.mp3
Grafh - We Ridin' [P] 020000.mp3
Grav - City To City [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - Down To Earth [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - Keep Movin' [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - Line For Line [V][P]  961011.mp3
Grav - One Puff [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - Sick Thoughts [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - Thought It Was On [P] 961011.mp3
Grav - World Domination [P] 961011.mp3
Harlem World - 100 Shiesty's [P] 990309.mp3
Harlem World - Minute Man [P] 990309.mp3
Harlem World - You Made Me [P] 990309.mp3
Hot Karl - Armand Assante [P] 030000.mp3
Infamous Syndicate - City Of Hustlas [P] 990316.mp3
Infamous Syndicate - Clock Strikes 12 [P] 990316.mp3
Infamous Syndicate - What You Do To Me [V][P] 990316.mp3
Jadakiss - Gettin' It In [V][P] 040622.mp3
Jamiss - Woo *** Da Bam [P] 080000.mp3
Janet Jackson - I Want You [P].mp3
Janet Jackson - My Baby [V][P].mp3
Janet Jackson - Strawberry Bounce [P].mp3
Jay-Z - '03 Bonnie & Clyde [P] 021112.mp3
Jay-Z - A Dream [P] 021112.mp3
Jay-Z - A Star Is Born [P].mp3
Jay-Z - Already Home [P].mp3
Jay-Z - Brooklyn (Go Hard) [P] 081201.mp3
Jay-Z - Do U Wanna Ride [P].mp3
Jay-Z - Encore [P] 031114.mp3
Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls [Remix] [P] 010911.mp3
Jay-Z - Hate [V][P] 090908.mp3
Jay-Z - Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) [P] 010911.mp3
Jay-Z - History [P] 081105.mp3
Jay-Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A) [P] 010911.mp3
Jay-Z - Jockin' Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh) [P].mp3
Jay-Z - Lucifer [P] 031114.mp3
Jay-Z - Never Change [C][P] 010911.mp3
Jay-Z - Poppin' Tags [P]  021112.mp3
Jay-Z - Run This Town [V][P].mp3
Jay-Z - Some People Hate [P] 021112.mp3
Jay-Z - Takeover [P] 010911.mp3
Jay-Z - Thank You [P].mp3
Jay-Z - The Bounce [V] 021112.mp3
Jay-Z - This Can't Be Life [P] 001031.mp3
Jay-Z - What We Talkin' About [P].mp3
Jay-Z - Young Forever [P].mp3
Jin - I Got A Love [C][P].mp3
John Legend - Alright [P].mp3
John Legend - Another Again [P].mp3
John Legend - Heaven [P].mp3
John Legend - Let's Get Lifted [P].mp3
John Legend - Live It Up [P].mp3
John Legend - Number One [V][P]041028.mp3
John Legend - Used To Love You [P].mp3
Justin Bieber - Runaway Love [Remix] [V][P]100819.mp3
JYJ - Ayyy Girl [V][P]100901.mp3
Kanye West - Apologize [V][P] 030601.mp3
Kanye West - Back to Basics (The Corner, Pt. III) [V][P] 050830.mp3
Kanye West - Beat (Black Album sessions) [P] 031114.mp3
Kanye West - Beat (Guitar) [P].mp3
Kanye West - Beat (Popular) [P].mp3
Kanye West - Bittersweet [Original] [V][P] 040213.mp3
Kanye West - Christian Dior Denim Flow [V][P] 100927.mp3
Kanye West - Do What I Gotta Do [V][P] 030700.mp3
Kanye West - Doing Fine [V][P] 030201.mp3
Kanye West - Dreamkillers (Gossip Files) [V][P] 030201.mp3
Kanye West - Drop Dead Gorgeous [V][P] 030416.mp3
Kanye West - Ever Since [Snippet] [V][P] 990000.mp3
Kanye West - Flute Flow (Freestyle on Stripped) [V][P] 050830.mp3
Kanye West - Freestyle On Bad Boy Radio [V][P] 050201.mp3
Kanye West - Getting Out The Game [V][P] 030515.mp3
Kanye West - Good Friday [V][P] 100911.mp3
Kanye West - Gotta Pose [V][P] 021023.mp3
Kanye West - Heavy Hitters [V][P] 050322.mp3
Kanye West - Home [V][P] 021210.mp3
Kanye West - Hotel Lobby Freestyle [V][P] 030401.mp3
Kanye West - I Need to Know [V][P] 031001.mp3
Kanye West - I'm Good Intro [V][P] 030515.mp3
Kanye West - Intro to Jeanius Level Muzik [V][P].mp3
Kanye West - Is That Your Car [V][P] 021220.mp3
Kanye West - Keep The Receipt [V][P] 030605.mp3
Kanye West - Livin' A Movie [Original] [V][P] 020000.mp3
Kanye West - Livin' A Movie [V][P] 030501.mp3
Kanye West - Looking For Trouble [V][P] 101106.mp3
Kanye West - Lord Lord Lord [V][P] 100917.mp3
Kanye West - My Way [V][P] 021210.mp3
Kanye West - Never See Me Again [V][P] 090515.mp3
Kanye West - Not Enough Time (Summer of Dreams) [V][P] 110301.mp3
Kanye West - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me [V][P] 990000.mp3
Kanye West - Ordinary [Snippet] [P] 050700.mp3
Kanye West - Out Of Your Mind (Arguments) [V][P] 031101.mp3
Kanye West - Payback [V][P] 000000.mp3
Kanye West - Roommates [V][P] 020000.mp3
Kanye West - Self Conscious (Yeah) [V][P].mp3
Kanye West - Take One For The Team [V][P] 100319.mp3
Kanye West - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly [V][P] 021010.mp3
Kanye West - The Stalker Song (Never Lettin' Go) [V][P] 030401.mp3
Kanye West - Wack ****** [V][P] 030601.mp3
Kanye West - We Can Make It Better [V][P] 050830.mp3
Kanye West - Weak Ass Producer Freestyle [V][P] 030401.mp3
Kanye West - Whole City Behind Us [V][P] 040831.mp3
Kanye West - Wouldn't You Like To Ryde [V][P] 040101.mp3
Kanye West - Wow [V][P] 030201.mp3
Kanye West - You're My Type [V][P] 030301.mp3
Kanye West & Mos Def - Blue Note Jazz Club Freestyle [V][P].mp3
Keyshia Cole - I Changed My Mind [P] 050621.mp3
KiD CuDi - Make Her Say [V][P] 090405.mp3
KiD CuDi - Sky Might Fall [P].mp3
Kiotti - Baby Don't Go [P] 050308.mp3
Knoc-Turn'Al - Muzik [P] 030113.mp3
La Roux - In For The Kill [Remix] [V][CO-P] 101006.mp3
Leela James - Didn't I [P].mp3
Leela James - It's Alright [P].mp3
Lil' Kim - Came Back For You [P].mp3
Lil' Kim - Don't Mess With Me [P] 000627.mp3
Lil Wayne - Comfortable [P].mp3
Lil Wayne - Did It Before [P].mp3
Lil Wayne - Let The Beat Build [P].mp3
Ludacris - Stand Up [P] 030813.mp3
Lupe Fiasco - Birds & The Bees [P] 020000.mp3
Lupe Fiasco - The Cool [P] 060919.mp3
Made Men - Is It You (Deja Vu) [Remix] [P] 990824.mp3
Made Men - Just You And I [P] 990824.mp3
Malik Yusef - Get Ready [P] 030000.mp3
Malik Yusef - Magic Man [V][P] 090423.mp3
Malik Yusef - Promise Land [V][P] 050901.mp3
Mariah Carey - Stay The Night [P].mp3
Maroon 5 - This Love [Remix] [P] 040430.mp3
Mase - It's Alright [V][P] 040831.mp3
Mashonda - Hold Me [V][P] 051109.mp3
Melbeatz - Oh Oh [V][P] 030801.mp3
Memphis Bleek - I Wanna Love U [P].mp3
Memphis Bleek - Remember The ROC [P] 030414.mp3
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 2008 [Remix] [P].mp3
Mikkey Halsted - Ghetto Life [P] 000000.mp3
Mikkey Halsted - Super Star [P] 000000.mp3
Mikkey Halsted - Ten Things [Snippet] [P] 000000.mp3
Mikkey Halsted - Who Am I [P] 000000.mp3
Miri Ben-Ari - Fly Away [V][P]050716.mp3
Miri Ben-Ari - New World Symphony [P].mp3
Mission Impossible III Soundtrack - Impossible [Clean] [V][P]060423.mp3
Mission Impossible III Soundtrack - Mission Impossible 3 Theme [P].mp3
Mistah F.A.B. - Big Time [P] 050517.mp3
Mobb Deep - Throw Your Hands (In The Air) [P].mp3
Monica - Knock Knock [P].mp3
Mos Def - Breakdown [P] 020924.mp3
Mos Def - Brown Sugar (Fine) [P] 020924.mp3
Mos Def - Sunshine [P].mp3
Mos Def - The Rape Over [P].mp3
Mystic - Breathe (Better Days) [P] 020000.mp3
Nappy Roots - These Walls [P] 030823.mp3
Nas - Let There Be Light [P].mp3
Nas - Poppa Was A Player [P] 990406.mp3
Nas - Still Dreaming [V][P] 061215.mp3
Nas - The World [P].mp3
Nas - Turn It Out [P] 980721.mp3
Nick Cannon - My Wife [P] 050922.mp3
Olskool Ice-Gre - Brigade Level Formation [V][P] 030515.mp3
Payroll - Live From Chi [P] 010000.mp3
Payroll - Movin' On [P] 010000.mp3
Petey Pablo - I Swear [P].mp3
Pusha T - Touch It [C][P] 110321.mp3
Q-Tip - We Fight, We Love [Remix] [V][CO-P] 090325.mp3
Reynos - Why Do You [P] 040000.mp3
Rhymefest - Bounce [P] 010000.mp3
Rhymefest - Brand New [V][P] 051126.mp3
Rhymefest - Crazy [Snippet] [P] 020000.mp3
Rhymefest - Fight With The Best [V][P 010000.mp3
Rhymefest - Good Ass Job [V][P] 010000.mp3
Rhymefest - I Came Home [P] 070609.mp3
Rhymefest - On 10 In A Benz [V][P] 010000.mp3
Rhymefest - Showdown [P] 010000.mp3
Rhymefest - Track [P] 020000.mp3
Royce Da 5' 9'' - Heartbeat [P] 031125.mp3
Ruben Studdard - What If [Remix] [P] 040000.mp3
Saigon - It's Alright [P].mp3
Scarface - Guess Who's Back [P] 020806.MP3
Scarface - Heaven [P] 020806.MP3
Scarface - In Cold Blood [P] 020806.MP3
Scarface - Steve Francis Reebok Commercial [P] 020306.mp3
Shawnna - What Can I Do [P] 020000.mp3
Shyne - More Or Less [P].mp3
Skarr Akbar - Spare of a Moment [P] 050000.mp3
Skarr Akbar - The Facts [P] 050000.mp3
Skyzoo - I Got It Covered [P] 040000.mp3
Slim & AC - On The Corner [P] 050913.mp3
Slim Thug - So Lost [P] 050802.mp3
Slum Village - Selfish [V][P] 040601.mp3
Sly Polaroid - Stoned [P] 100913.mp3
Smitty - Ghetto [C][P] 060000.mp3
Smoke And Numbers - Muthafucka [P] 050000.mp3
Snoop Dogg - Eyes Closed [V][P] 100902.mp3
Sophia Fresh - What It Is [V] 081008.mp3
State Property - Got Nowhere [P] 020129.mp3
Syleena Johnson - Suddenly (Bullseye) [P] 050913.mp3
T. I. - Doin' My Job [P] 030819.mp3
T. I. - Let Me Tell You Something [P].mp3
T. I. - Swagga Like Us [V][P] 080823.mp3
T. I. - Welcome To The world [V][P].mp3
Talib Kweli - Get By [P] 021119.mp3
Talib Kweli - Good To You [P] 021119.mp3
Talib Kweli - Guerilla Monsoon Rap [C][P] 021119.mp3
Talib Kweli - I Try [P].mp3
Talib Kweli - In The Mood [V][P] 070525.mp3
Talib Kweli - Momma Can You Hear Me [P] 070000.mp3
Talib Kweli - Young Man [P].mp3
Teriyaki Boyz - I Still Love H.E.R. [V][P] 070124.mp3
Teriyaki Boyz - Teriyaking [V][P] 090126.mp3
The Diplomats - Un Casa [P] 030325.mp3
The Game - Angel [P].mp3
The Game - Bang Along [P].mp3
The Game - Dreams [P].mp3
The Game - Wouldn't Get Far [V][P] 051025.mp3
The Madd Rapper - Ghetto [P] 000118.mp3
The Madd Rapper - Not the One [P] 000118.mp3
The Madd Rapper - Stir Crazy [P] 000118.mp3
The Madd Rapper - That's What's Happenin' [P] 000118.mp3
The Madd Rapper - Too Many Ho's [P] 000118.mp3
The Madd Rapper - You're All Alone [P] 000118.mp3
Trick Daddy - Can't Say No [V][P] 070920.mp3
Trina - B R Right [P] 020827.mp3
Trina - Do You Want Me [P] 020827.mp3
Trina & Tamara - Joanne [P] 990803.mp3
Twista - Alright [V][P] 090714.mp3
Twista - Hustlaz [P].mp3
Twista - I Can Make You Say [P] 090405.mp3
Twista - One Last Time [P].mp3
Twista - Overnight Celebrity [C][P].mp3
Twista - Slow Jamz [V][P] 031202.mp3
Twista - Well It's Time [P] 070917.mp3
White Boy - U Know [V][P] 031015.mp3
XV - Everybody [P] 080900.mp3
XV - Good Move [P] 070223.mp3
Young Blaze - Work It Out [P] 050000.mp3
Young Gunz - Grown Man, Pt. II [V][P] 050524.mp3
Young Leek - Where U Should Be [V][P] 070522.mp3
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Nothing from MBDTF is on this...smh
ZiLLY said:
Nothing from MBDTF is on this...smh
ZiLLY said:
Nothing from MBDTF is on this...smh
devilmaycare said:
This is everything non-album (Albums are: Beat Tape Collection Vol. 1 & 2, College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) he has ever produced that is available online.
:work: meh o well. Misleading title.
FemiO said:
title should be " Oh hey, just a list of all Kanye's (non-album) productions ever"
The Batman said:
ZiLLY >>>>>>>>>>>>>
ZiLLY said:
title should be " Oh hey, just a list of all Kanye's (non-album) productions ever"
Maybe if you read the VERY FIRST SENTENCE ON THE TOPIC. :work:
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