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prod. Daft Punk
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
I AM A GOD (feat. Justin Vernon)
prod. Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke (co.), Kanye West (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
NEW SLAVES (feat. Frank Ocean)
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Hudson Mohawke (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Kanye West (add.)
HOLD MY LIQUOR (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)
prod. Young Chop, Mike Dean (co.), Arca (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
I'M IN IT (feat. Jeffrey Campbell & Justin Vernon)
prod. RZA, Travi$ Scott (add.), Mike Dean (add.)
prod. TNGHT, Kanye West (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
GUILT TRIP (feat. Kid Cudi)
prod. Symbolyc One, Arca (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Ackeejuice Rockers (co.)
SEND IT UP (feat. King L)
prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca (co.), Daft Punk (co.), Hudson Mohawke (add.)
BOUND (feat. Charlie Wilson)
prod. Kanye West, No I.D., Symbolyc One (co.) The Heatmakerz (co.), Rick Rubin (add.)
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goodmornin said:
Sounds like another masterful LP from him, but kinda disappointed with the features. No jay? No azealia like I hoped? But I kinda dig that chief keef is on here L O L
hahaha same. I dunno, like I said there might be more features like The-Dream, Iamsu, Malik Yusef, and Method Man.

RZA might have production as well
If RZA produced anything I'm saying it's Bound or the Don Jazzy track
Tron_Cat2011 said:
MBDTF technically had 11
yeah true, but Kanye still produced those AOTL interlude and WWSIA
ZEROXX said:
yeah true, gotta hope for the best! Hopefully a confirmed tracklist with the missing features and songs gets releases tonight or later this week
I need to know before next Tuesday :lol:
yeah same. we don't have a lot of time left, i'm sure it'll be revealed soon :datass:
Tron_Cat2011 said:
True. Sucks he doesn't produce solo no more.
yeah but I think it's because he wants to let younger producers shine. you know Sing About Me off Good Kid Maad City? he's a younger, unknown producer that Kanye's been trying to put on so I think he might have credits on Yeezus as well
ZEROXX said:
it better :datass:
Btw Mike Dean posted in the Yeezus thread that he produced 2 songs and co-produced 6 others
doope. i don't want to overplay tracks but if you figure out which ones he had credits on let me know
Raiden said:
i want Cyhi :cryfam:
still possible!
Tron_Cat2011 said:
Ahh I heard about that. Forgot his name ill look in my gkmc booklet when I can
yeah I forgot his name too. I think he has dreads i'm not sure
goodmornin said:
Any chance Awesome is on it still?

Grandma Ye said:
Will be disappointed if those are the only tracks tbh.
they probably arent
Chuck said:
Rolling Stone says there is no Frank Ocean on New Slaves, just Kanye
who do you believe, Rolling Stone or Frank Ocean's mom?
Chuck said:
Could have easily changed, his momma probably heard wrong :work:
his mom might have known because Frank told her. Either way she's a more reliable source. sorry bro
Sigma said:
produced by kid cudi :hah:
Cudi said he sent Kanye beats :kanyeshrug: not impossible
JaketheDog said:
Only 10 songs?? lame
did you even read OP? :cmon:
Sigma said:
it mind fucks me to think cudi thinks he has the skills to produce on a Kanye West album after that hot steaming pile of shit known as indicud
I thought Indicud was incredible. to each his own though. I doubt Kanye would put a horrible beat on his album
JaketheDog said:
if you had you would have seen that I said there might be more tracks/features
Sigma said:
true, he liked the unfuckittable beat though, and that shit was trash.
I didn't like Unfuckwittable either. My favorite beats were the intro, Mad Solar, Brothers, and Beez
BlackGuy. said:
you talkin about Like from Pac Div?
am i? i'm not sure. i don't remember his name
Sigma said:
Beez, lord of the sad & lonely, & NYC rage feat were the only beats I liked
NYCRF was dope forgot about that. I also liked LOTS&L and Cold Blooded

If Cudi has a beat on here I hope it has travis or Mike Dean co production
drop.out said:
Tbf I think when Ye did listening parties early on for MBDTF he had like hell of a life opening the album. So we may get a different tracklist
yes exactly. like i said this isn't the full tracklist.

but either way the album is only about a week away.
drop.out said:

I still remember the week before WTT when we started getting rumours of a sixth solo. Now we here
three years waiting we finally here. so amazing
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