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prod. Daft Punk
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
I AM A GOD (feat. Justin Vernon)
prod. Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke (co.), Kanye West (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
NEW SLAVES (feat. Frank Ocean)
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Hudson Mohawke (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Kanye West (add.)
HOLD MY LIQUOR (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)
prod. Young Chop, Mike Dean (co.), Arca (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
I'M IN IT (feat. Jeffrey Campbell & Justin Vernon)
prod. RZA, Travi$ Scott (add.), Mike Dean (add.)
prod. TNGHT, Kanye West (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
GUILT TRIP (feat. Kid Cudi)
prod. Symbolyc One, Arca (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Ackeejuice Rockers (co.)
SEND IT UP (feat. King L)
prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca (co.), Daft Punk (co.), Hudson Mohawke (add.)
BOUND (feat. Charlie Wilson)
prod. Kanye West, No I.D., Symbolyc One (co.) The Heatmakerz (co.), Rick Rubin (add.)
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Thread title got me excited, fuck you OP :cryfam:
Grand Kaiser said:
wtf I said coming soon

your fault
didn't it just say "TRACKLIST COMING SOON"?

implying new info

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Grand Kaiser said:

original title was Yeezus confirmed tracks thread

then I changed to tracklist thread so I could make a classic
sorry then

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Blood on the leaves :notsureif:


if its even real
Ric Flair NiXXa said:
Blood On The Leaves if we're going by this tracklist
More likely Guilt Trip
ArkitekTheMC said:
King Louie........................ you have Pusha, CyHi, Mos Def, Common, Jay Z, Jay Electronica, Nas all wanting to work with you and yo get a struggle Chiraq rapper......
Have you heard his verse on Send it up? :fly:

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Ric Flair NiXXa said:
Guilt Trip is the Cudi song with the Blocka sample
Oh really?

The fuck, how can it be called Blood on the Leaves though :dno: doesn't seem to fit at all
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KashmirThoughts said:
Rolling Stone is only speculating based off the listening session. The tracklist I posted is more legit, believe me.
The Rolling Stone tracklist (OP's) looks more accurate though
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drop.out said:
But that god feature yo.....
Completely unnecessary unless God spits a few bars

KashmirThoughts said:

Def Jam did say it was CLOSE to being correct
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KashmirThoughts said:
Update OP, like I've been saying for the past few days

01. On Sight
02. Black Skinhead
03. I Am A God (Featuring God)
04. New Slaves
05. Hold My Liquor (Feat. Chief Keef)
06. I'm In It
07. Blood On The Leaves
08. Guilt Trip
09. Send It Up (Feat. King L)
10. Bound

is the track list. It's in the iTunes database.
So is Godandmonsters legit? I saw you were talking to him

Tommorow morning leak yeah?
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glitch said:
just like yesterday and the day before :he:
Nah he said either this morning or tomorrow morning

so if it doesn'r come by 12pm GMT he's a troll
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KashmirThoughts said:
On Sight is first... it just doesn't have a sample so it's not listed there.
Is that CD DEFINITELY real then you think?
KashmirThoughts said:
My thoughts exactly
So do you think Sureal was trolling? Why would he risk a permaban out of nowhere though :notsureif:
saadkid08 said:
People on twitter claiming it leaked and it got taken down immediately?
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