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prod. Daft Punk
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
I AM A GOD (feat. Justin Vernon)
prod. Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke (co.), Kanye West (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
NEW SLAVES (feat. Frank Ocean)
prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott (co.), Hudson Mohawke (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Kanye West (add.)
HOLD MY LIQUOR (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)
prod. Young Chop, Mike Dean (co.), Arca (add.), Rick Rubin (add.)
I'M IN IT (feat. Jeffrey Campbell & Justin Vernon)
prod. RZA, Travi$ Scott (add.), Mike Dean (add.)
prod. TNGHT, Kanye West (co.), Mike Dean (add.)
GUILT TRIP (feat. Kid Cudi)
prod. Symbolyc One, Arca (co.), Travi$ Scott (co.), Mike Dean (co.), Ackeejuice Rockers (co.)
SEND IT UP (feat. King L)
prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca (co.), Daft Punk (co.), Hudson Mohawke (add.)
BOUND (feat. Charlie Wilson)
prod. Kanye West, No I.D., Symbolyc One (co.) The Heatmakerz (co.), Rick Rubin (add.)
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RSD said:
Can you people please give up on "Popular"?

That was 4 years ago. He was just messing around with a sample.
Exactly why was that shit even talked about

The beat wasn't even good
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Grand Kaiser said:
the hell are you talking about.

all the songs in the "confirmed" part have been confirmed, four of them have been performed

all the songs in the "rumored" part have been rumored

Still not confirmed until Def Jam or Yeezy says something

If anything is "confirmed" it's ONLY Blk Skn Head and New Slaves

But even then he could change anything from now until June 18th
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Austin said:
Yea he confirmed New Slaves on twitter
Yeah that's true actually forgot
heartofaIion said:
tracklist wont come out

we wont know which feature is on which song untill the first listen of the album

quote me
I agree
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Nessy said:
01. Hell Below
02. New Slaves
03. My Perfect Bitch
04. Black Skinhead
05. Odyssey (Ft. Kid Cudi)
06. What We Need
07. Awesome
08. Send It Up (Ft. King Louie)
09. Somebody
10. No Tears (Ft. John Legend)
11. Bound
12. Fallen (Ft. The Dream & Bon Iver)
13. I Am a God
14. Legendary

Would be GOAT
Ideal tracklist right here.
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Grand Kaiser said:
yup and I changed it. the stuff I got wrong was Guilt Trip, which I changed back to Untitled, and also Blood on the Leaves. Also the features weren't on there
so did you find out if the untitled track is officially cudi or travis?
y'all will never get the tracklist right until the 17th :sarc2:
21stCenturySlave said:
this look like a ***** that would leak it

get your plates ready fam
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Ric Flair NiXXa said:
He's in Dallas? He better leak it, or I'll find that ***** in 15..
apparently he goes to UNT Dallas or some school
Ric Flair NiXXa said:
Wait..........UNT is in Denton :notsureif:
lol whattt

I forgot the name bro it might not have been UNT
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Ric Flair NiXXa said:
Oh yeah, there's one in Dallas. Calling my ride

first dibs on leak bruh
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