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This isnt for posting tattoo's you want, just the Tattoo's you have.

Im so interested in why people got them and where and the story behind them etc.

I love showing mine off. Youve probs all already seen them anyway, but just to get us started:

This was my first one. I got it done in Miami Ink last year by Yoji. Just got a simple heart on my hip. No deep meaning really other that it being cute.

This was my second one. Its lyrics from Lady Gaga 'bad romance'. Its french but translates as: I want your love and I want your revenge.
I just love that line. It for me, means a modern look on love. Not that soppy shit. The kinda exciting, hot, sexy love. The kind of love I hope I find one day. (Cheesy I know!)

And this is my baby. Lyrics from Lost In The World. Obviously becuase I live, eat, breath, sleep Kanye West! That part of the song makes my heart melt. I love everything about it. I got it on my foot for the fact it says 'run'. :D

Everyone please post pics of your tats, why you got it and its story :)
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