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Who is Mario Balotelli u may ask?

Ladies and Gentleman, Mario Balotelli, the finest football troll around.


He drove into a womens prison because the gate was open.

He replied with "Because I am rich" when asked why he had £5000 cash when stopped by police.

He cheated on his gf while she was still in the house.

1. Thrown darts at a youth player
2. Been accused of being in the mafia
3. Swore on live television
4. Demanded to speak to a headteacher to solve some random kids bullying problems
5. He won £25k in a casino and gave £1k to a tramp he saw outside.
6. Got subbed cos he was allergic to grass
7. Said he'd never heard of Jack Wilshere and said he'd rub a trophy in his face once he found out who he was
8. Taunted Wayne Rooney with some hookers
9. Had his Maserati impounded 27 times
10. Failed to work out how to put a bib on

All in 1 season

greatest sportmans to ever live and is still only 20
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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