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Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager include Kanye West, Cee Lo, Mary J. Blige, Chip Tha Ripper, Cage, GLC and more. The tracklisting is 17 songs deep so be prepared for one hell of an experfience as you listen start to finish on Nov. 9.

Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager
Release Date: November 9th, 2010
Length 62min.

Act 1: The World I Am Ruling
1. Scott Mescudi Vs The World feat. Cee-Lo (Producted by Emile)
2. REVOFEV (Producted by Plain Pat)

ACT 2: A Stronger Trip
3. Don't Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige (Producted by Emile)
4. We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) (Producted by Emile)
5. Marijuana (Producted by Dot Da Genius)
6. Mojo So Dope (Producted by Emile)

Act 3; Party On
7. Ashin' Kusher (Producted by Chuck English)
8. Erase Me feat. Kanye West (Producted by Jim Jonsin)
9. Wild'n Cuz Im Young (Producted by Plain Pat)
10. The Mood (Producted by Emile)

Act 4: The Transformation
11. MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent (Producted by Anthony Killhoffer)
12. Mr. Rager (Producted by Emile)
13. These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige (Producted by Emile)
14. The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray (Produced by Blended Babies)

Act 5: You Live & You Learn
15. All Along (Producted by Emile)
16. GHOST! (Producted by Emile)
17. Trapped In My Mind (Producted by Dot Da Genius)

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Idk, how i feel about this album yet, MOTM:TEOD is honestly one of my favorite albums and I don't know if this one will have tracks that match up to them, I like Mr. Rager alot and I've only heard Revofev, erase me, wylin and mojo so dope and their good but not as good as any of the songs on his first album, But I won't judge until I hear the whole thing, who knows maybe it will be even better
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