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If you have anything or know of anything that is missing, post it and I will update the list. I won't post any links (other than Itunes) to Studio albums, but I WILL post links to all bonus tracks, Live Albums, demos and hard to find albums, other tracks off of soundtracks and other artists albums, or mixtape and unreleased material.

Studio Albums:

Bonus Tracks
So High (Cloud 9 Remix)
Johnny's Gotta Go
Money Blown

Bonus Tracks
Out Of Sight
King & Queen feat. Mary J Blige
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Please Baby Don't feat. Sergio Mendes
Heaven (Remix) feat. Pusha T

Bonus Tracks
Can't Be My Lover
It's Over (Teddy Riley Remix)
Floating Away
Set Me Free

(collaboration album with The Roots)

Bonus Tracks
Shine(Waiting For Superman Version)
Wake Up Everybody (Live In Studio Performance) feat. Black Thought

Live Albums:

Live at SOB's

Solo Sessions: Live at the Knitting Factory

Live at the Jazz Cafe

Live At House of Blues (not actual DVD, just performances from DVD)

Live From Philadelphia

Other Albums:

John Stephens (2000 Demo)
1. Hush

John Stephens (2002)

Indie Sampler

Soundtrack Songs:
Dare To Dream
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
I'm Your Puppet feat. Bernie Mac & Samuel L. Jackson

Other Songs:
Return To Our Love
What's Going On (Cover)
Love Won't Let Me Wait
On Top Of The World
Dreams (Live)
Freak Out
Hello, It's Me
I Won't Complain (Live)
Lay Your Head Down
Redemption Song (Cover)
When It Rains

Missing: If anyone has the following please feel free to post a link
Live Albums
Live At Jimmy's Uptown
Live At Tin Angel
Other Albums
John Stephens (2000 Demo):
2. Is It Alright
3. So Much To Me
4. Never

Sorry for the quality on some of the other songs, if you have a better version post it and I'll update

UPDATE (11-29-2010):

Sing And Flow "The Duets" collaboration EP with Estelle

Open My Eyes (Shout)

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I just remember when everyone was talking about "Save Room" I kept thinking about the track in Resident Evil 4... Save Room :p It was the same time where I had my big ass RE4 binge, so it's cool :p Plus I think the track is cool, too.

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Dennis The Man said:
Who Can We Tell.?
We Should Get A John Legend
And Mr Hudson Section
We really do need them, the threads just get lost in a massive sea of Big Sean threads. I really don't understand the excitement around him, his material has really gone downhill, his verse on Don't Look Down is the last decent thing I can remember him doing
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