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I'm not amazing at graphics, and don't claim to be. These are tuts that will help you out in the long run though.

First off, you need Photoshop. Just go on YouTube or piratebay for that. Alot of people use GIMP, and that's mehh, more basic version of Photoshop. There are a few more programs that will come into play later.

So now you have Photoshop, let's go through the basics. In this part I'm going to go through what in my opinion are the most important tools.

Text tool - To input text (obviously -_-)

Brush tool - The brush tool, for you sig guys is pretty important from the Tuts I've seen. Basically it allows you to make splatter marks over your documents, like just straight circles for example.

Pen tool! - this tool allows you to make vector masks, and make better, and more precise cuts instead of using the Marquee tools.

These are the 3 most important tools in my opinion. The best way to get better with graphics is just through trial and error, and watching tutorials.

Now, let's move on to Tutorials.

These are for beginners who have been using Photoshop, and have little-no understanding.

YouTube Guys:
TrooperFX (motion GFX)

Those are some of the best YouTube guys, and have some of the best tutorials/graphics videos.


Some good sites with good tutorials

Now, we have the basic stuff down pat. What I did next involving graphics, was move to motion graphics/VFX. To move on, download Cinema 4D. This program is a lot harder and more advanced then Photoshop, thus requiring more practice. Just go on Piratebay or YouTube again, and repeat.

If you're looking into 2D VFX/Motion GFX, download AAE (Adobe After Effects) and look up some tuts.

If you go back up, and look at all those YouTubers that I posted, they all have some Cinema 4D stuff.

That's all for now, I'm going to sleep soon and am very tired. Will update later. What do you guys think?

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This was a long time ago so it's not all updated, found it in a word doc in my computer.
Post some of your stuff if you want.

EDIT: pls dont move to CS :[

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