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For all the future biologists, chemists, therapists, technicians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians etc.. on KTT. And all the high school kids on here who might want info. Come get help with homework, advice on school & careers, study tips. Or for general discussion about the field.

What to do with degree in biology related sciences
Fifty Things to Do With a Biology Degree
Physician (MD, DO)
Veterinarian (DVM)
Dentist (DDS)
Optometrist (OD)
Podiatrist (DPM)

Allied Health
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist
Nursing (RN)
Pharmacy (BS or PharmD)
Massage Therapy

Health Related
Med/Vet Technician
Genetic Counseling
Nuclear Technician/Therapy
Clinical Lab Sciences
Pharmacist's Assistant

Biomechanical Engineering
Medical Physics

Pharmaceutical Researcher
Drug Testing/Quality Control
Food Safety Expert
Zymurgy (Beer/Winemaking)

Animal Care and Research
Marine Mammal Trainer
Marine Biologist
Fisheries & Aquaculture

Forensics & Criminal Investigation
Biotechnologyy Patent Law

Medical Illustration
Bio-Animation and Films
Molecular Visualization

Conservation Biologist
Forest Ranger
Environmental Scientist
Agricultural Scientist

Plant Biology

Biology Teacher (Primary or Secondary)
Professor (2 or 4 year Institution)

National Health (FDA, CDC)
City or Community Health Official
Bioterrorism Expert
Should I become a doctor
There are better ways to make money than medicine. Medical school and residency occupy at least 7 years during your 20s, while your friends are making money.

Becoming a physician does give one some immediate prestige, but prestige would mean nothing if the daily work was miserable. Prestige does not cure misery.

The first criteria for becoming a physician should be that you really want to help patients. How do you know? It helps if you have spent time with a physician. It helps if you have worked in health care. But ultimately it really is a personality consideration. Do you really want to help others?

The second criteria for becoming a physician is that you enjoy the mental processes involved in doctoring. As doctors we solve diagnostic puzzles, and use our knowledge to determine the best treatment options. Excellent physicians continuously expand their knowledge. We learn from our patients. We decipher their stories, examine them, and combine those activities with the tests we order. Then we persist in the thought process, following the patient to be certain that our assumptions are correct.

The third criteria is humility. We are never as good as we would like to be. We will make mistakes, hopefully not major ones. We must own those mistakes and correct them if at all possible. As new information becomes available - new symptoms, new physical findings, new test results - we must be willing and eager to adjust our approach to the patient.

The fourth criteria is our willingness to educate our patients. Being a patient is often very scary, especially in the hospital. We have a responsibility to help our patients through the medical maze and make certain that they understand (at their educational limits) what is happening and what we are doing.

The fifth criteria is accepting our limits. We cannot cure every disease. We cannot always save a life. But we can alway comfort. We can always strive to improve quality of life. We can always care, and let our patients know that we care. We can always comfort. And we understand that palliation is a success for the patient.

These are my beliefs as an internist. Other specialties would like have different criteria.

In April, I will attend my 40th medical school reunion. I remain thankful that I was able to tolerate the first 2 years of medical school and in my 3rd year found out who I was and who I would become. If you are a medical student or a pre-med student, I hope this helps.

My physicians complain about the bureaucratic hassles tainting medical practice in 2014. But most physicians still love spending time with patients and helping them. Can you overlook the problems and still love doctoring? I hope that you can.

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To answer when:

Sometime After The Cool was released, before his never ending tour I'd say, before tis song, mid 2008- till late 2009

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I think he was suicidal when he was recording The Cool (Father died, Chill got locked up etc)

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Newlopw said:
He said he was suicidal before he performs the song in his tour.

I think he was suicidal when he was recording The Cool (Father died, Chill got locked up etc)
Dan The Fiasco said:
He explained most of the time before he did the song in concert that he was in a fucked up dark place.. maybe he did contemplate it its a cold cold world... seemed to be a lot of things happening around Lu when he wrote this, the Atlantic Drama, Gemini situation, Matthew Santos thing, other stuff .. and who knows what else.
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