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Lake said:
I think the Phillies are happy Werth is gone. 126 million? That's that Cubs style deal.

Philly will still be fine with Rollins, Utley, Howard, Victorino, Ruiz, and Polanco

I'd go get a right handed bat and possibly throw my hat into the Cliff Lee sweepstakes if they haven't already
leaves room for Crawford now.

Homeboy said:
you know who else sucks....
brooks conrad :smug:

jk ha5ty love u boy
tbh, as much as Conrad pissed me off in the playoffs, he was still a great player during the season.  He hit 2 game winning grand slams.

He turned our season around. We lost 9 straight games and it looked like our season was over, then this happened:

after that our team went on a role and we had the best record in the MLB for a while.

but, he doesn't have to play anymore cause we got Uggla :smug:
161 - 180 of 275 Posts
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