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I dont need a paragraph for my shit. So I decided to make a beat tape named "Just Vibes" just for the fun of it, Hope you enjoy! :hah: ARTWORK BY Brandon.G and HK
https://soundcloud.com/junkylee%2Fsets%2Fjust-vibes http://soundcloud.com/junkylee/sets/just-vibes

1. Rise To Power *Puts On Shades*
2. The Darkness
3. Mikekel's Song (Our Relationship)
4. Is It Love?
5. Up's and Down's
6. This Is (Interlude)
7. Dust Bucket (Achuuuu)
8. Hoo Hooooooo Hoo Hoo
9. You Didn't Expect It
10. Electric (bonus)
11. Street Fighting (bonus)


1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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