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CRACK said:
^nah, my dudes got it. Think it might be friends & family though.
You're right about the friends and family part but you can purchase the jacket. The Canadian company Roots made these jackets specifically custom for Drake and the members of the OVO family. I know quite a few of the men in his entourage who do own this jacket and they've all pretty much confirmed it was an OVO x Roots collaboration. Although their specific design is tailored for what Drake had wanted on them anyone is able to purchase the jacket. The only problem you may run into is having it customized to look like the one Drake's been seen wearing at award shows and events. Here's a link to what the original jacket looks like where you can order it, the price, specs, etc.
(Click on link below)


It's a bit on the pricey side but it's worth it if you have the money. I own a jacket that's actually quite similar in pattern to the red 'Miss Me' jacket but I copped it at a vintage store here in Toronto back in march before I even knew about the collaboration or anything like that. In any case I hope this post clears up any questions as to where you can get it.
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