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Firstly, mods, dont move this to Drake section :mrkrabs: :frankwd: .
Sure, Im talm bout Drake but this is more just about flow // rhyme // hip hop in general :obamahhh: .
The Verse we will be talking about today my brethren is Drake verse from "100" :rejoice:
TL;DR for yall that cant read:
Just look at the pictures and follow the colors that match up with the words.

Ok, so in this verse, Drake uses 6 recurring sounds. The two most obvious are the Hard C / Hard K Sound (they're the same sound even if spelled differently for certain words) and the R Sound .

By pointing out just these two repeating consonant sounds, which is the literary device called Consonance, we can already see a beautiful picture being painted :damn: :banderas:
Notice that the word color in the very second line has BOTH the Hard C and R Sounds :whew: The word circle in the very last line also has both sounds, except in reversed order :oh2: :slick:

Now, the 3rd recurring sound is the 'F' Sound . Which is in Orange

The 4th Sound is the 'D' Sound, which is in Yellow

The 5th Recurring sound is the Soft 'Th' sound .

And the last sound that Drake constantly employs throughout his verse is the Hard 'T' Sound, highlighted in a Light Yellow

This T sound is especially important because the consonance on the T Sound is why the hook sounds so great too! Its also why despite the "8 more than 92" line being ridiculed, its actually a line in which every word seamlessly flows well into the next :oh:

"Y'all better not come to my studio with that fake shit
Y'all better not come to my funeral with that fake shit
Y'all better off realizin' there's nothin' that y'all could do with me
All I ever asked is keep it eight more than ninety two with me, one hundred"
And in the hook above, there are actually MORE "T" 's than there are any other vowels! D: And when Drake says "one hundred", every other time he pronounces it as "one hunnit" to keep up with the "T" sound, the same with "nothin" by pronouncing it sometimes as it should be (that way he can keep the aforementioned 'Th' sound going) but then he sometimes pronounces it as "nuttin" with the hard T in order to further stress the consonance he's building. He does the same thing with the word "with" pronouncing it as "wit". The amount of consonance in this verse and hook is off the charts :binowtf: Like, this is Edgar Allen Poe level :damn:

And so far this all just Consonance, I didnt even include the internal rhymes going on all throughout this verse :damn:
:ffpu: Slay me Papi!!! :ffpu:

This picture shows both the 6 Recurring Sounds, and also all of the internal rhymes. This is also not to mention that every bar ends with a tri-syllable rhyme... Every god damn bar! :psyboom: And if you listen to his flow, this is only a 12 Bar Verse despite the sheer amount of words / length of the verse :jordanok:

And so many of the words have sounds that complete an internal rhyme and or share multiple consonant sounds with other words as well, most of which I tried to underline, :oh: ...

For example:
  • The word "color" in the second line (but still first bar) has the Hard C Sound, an "ull" sound *as in seagull*, which will later on rhyme with the "gle" in "single", AND it has the R Sound at the end... :mindfk:
  • Friends has an internal rhyme with been, when, etc; has the F Sound; has the R Sound; and has the D Sound D: :wizhhh:

These other boys aint even coming close :drakelaff: Where are the ppl saying that Drake cant rap now? :prince: This shit is literally a goldmine, and all ya had to do was dig a lil deeper :salute: :agreed: :wellinever:

:ffpu: :aliveparrot: :worship: All Praise the 6 God :worship: :aliveparrot: :ffpu:

I havent even started to breakdown Views yet :dw:

Edit: Pictures in wrong place

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I like the verse a lot just like the track but I don't know what's supposed to be that impressive about this. There is no complex pattern here, you just stated words that sound the same and most of them aren't in any particular reccuring order.

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Every bar ends in a tri-syllable rhyme? That was like the only part of this I read and its bullshit :jordanlaff:

Just look at the first two bars

For bluffin'
True colors

Those are the last three syllables of each. Does true rhyme with for? No, it fucking doesn't. It doesn't fucking rhyme, Stanley!

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I'm not sure why this song is so freaking long, but after 2 minutes of it I was like, GET TO THE POINT JOE! He should stick to rapping with Slaughterhouse, in my opinion. Thank goodness for the skip button because if I had fully listened to this junk I would've been ticked!!! Oh well, no more Joe Budden for me.
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