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Number for Plays

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# for the Most played Ye' song?

For me it's
Runaway with 913

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Already Home said:
I have the same exact amount, for the same song. WTF.
joe said:
How can anyone listen to a song more than like 70 times?
I was trollin' tbh but these ****** lyin.... but I do have several songs over 70 plays
Synopsis said:
Not lying, would you like a screencap later on?
joe said:
You'd almost have to be playing it on repeat all day for days on end to get to that number.
Synopsis said:
k. Its my Only song besides Power and Never Let Me Down thats over 70 legit plays.
My shit has reset itself for different reasons like 3 times so my CD/LR/Grad/808's shit has like extremely low plays
RunawayAsFastAsUcan said:
if u jailbreak a ipod it fucks with ur plays my cousin has like 1000+ plays for his songs and he just got it
So in other words if your iPod is broken then gtfo of this thread tbh
1 - 8 of 84 Posts
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