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NO FUN LEAGUE wants to suspend players for heavy hits

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The NFL could soon start suspending players for dangerous helmet-to-helment hits, vice president of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press on Monday.

A day after several scary collisions in Sunday's games, Anderson acknowledged the league might need to do more than fining players to prevent such hits.

"There's strong testimonial for looking readily at evaluating discipline, especially in the areas of egregious and elevated dangerous hits," he said in a phone interview. "Going forward there are certain hits that occurred that will be more susceptible to suspension. There are some that could bring suspensions for what are flagrant and egregious situations."

Anderson said the NFL could make changes in its approach immediately, with Commissioner Roger Goodell having the final say. League officials will consult with the union, but he didn't expect any opposition.

The Eagles' DeSean Jackson and the Falcons' Dunta Robinson were knocked out of their game Sunday after a frightening helmet-to-helmet collision, while Steelers linebacker James Harrison sidelined two Browns players with head injuries after jarring hits.

Anderson wouldn't speculate on how any players would be punished for hits from Sunday's games.

"The fundamentally old way of wrapping up and tackling seems to have faded away," he said. "A lot of the increase is from hits to blow guys up. That has become a more popular way of doing it. Yes, we are concerned they are getting away from the fundamentals of tackling, and maybe it has been coached that way. We're going to have to look into talking to our coaches."

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I'm happy they are doing this because this is getting fucking ridiculous. I don't give a fuck if Ray Lewis or whoever else wants to bitch and moan PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!!! After that hit DJ took last sunday against the Falcons I was so fucking pissed man. Not because i'm a fan of the eagles or DJ but because that hit could have been so unavoidable it was so fucking unnecessary. Too many times I've seen these DBs go for the big hit instead of the fucking ball and you see the results. Not only are you putting another person's well being at risk but your fucking own as well. This is not fucking Vietnam this is Football at the end of the day it is still a game. No one is expecting you to put your life on the line for this shit so stop acting like you've got a death wish. This won't stop these concussions but these players have to fucking learn that what they are doing is not only unhealthy and dangerous ITS PLAIN FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! I understand accidents happen and sometimes you can't control where your head goes or what another person is going to do BUT FUCK MY GOD!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, GO FOR THE BALL, LEAD WITH YOUR SHOULDER, USE YOUR ARMS NOT YOUR HEAD FUCK MAN these fuckers won't be happy until they're laid out on the floor and can't feel their legs YOUR BRAIN IS NOT MEANT TO TAKE 2-3 CONCUSSIONS EVERY FUCKING YEAR FOR 10 YEARS YOU FUCKING ASS WIPES I'm all for big hits I love them but we neeeeeeeeeeed to protect these players on both sides of the ball  teach them the proper tackling techniques so they can avoid hurting themselves ands someone else without giving up the play IT'S POSSIBLE!!!! I applaud the NFL for this because this shit has to stop guys I don't give a fuck what anyone says this has to stop
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august4th said:
that D-jack hit was legal

there was nothing wrong with it...........
It wasn't illegal it was just plain fucking stupid
and look what happened both of them got knocked out
of the game what good does that do? FUCK it was so
unavoidable these DB's will learn you need to fucking
protect yourself and make the right decisions on the field
it's not fucking rocket science GO FOR THE BALL!!!
they will learn
august4th said:
u do realize how fast these guys play

it was a bang bang play

a split second
No no no these guys aren't superman the game is fast but it isn't that fast they can use that excuse all they want
but he knew from the get go what he was going to do if that ball came his way they will learn now trust me
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