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Nick and Tito/Heat Fans: The Truce.

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I apologize Tito.

I will admit, my thread was trying to goad out the bandwagoners.  But mostly, I just wanted to know who was legitimately a Heat fan and who just jumped on for this season.  Or who was just a LeBron/Bosh fan who switched when they left.

The only other anti-Heat thread I've made in F/D I believe is the Bosh vs. Gasol one.  It's because I felt Shy's arguing in the NBA thread was ridiculously homeristic.  And I wanted to get a vote to prove that.  It wasn't meant in some sort of negative way.  Plus the posts were cluttering the 2010 NBA Season Thread.

If someone told me that they were legitimately a Heat fan, I wouldn't ask questions.  There was also some curiosity along with my attempt to find the bandwagoners.

Thus Tito, I propose a truce.  It seemed like a good idea at the time for some reason.  I didn't realize it could be taken so negatively.  But you have a point.

My threads after that were just anti-trolling your threads.

And for the grievance I caused you, if you agree to this truce, I will have a D. Wade avy until 12:01am PST friday.

Does the rest of the KL sports section community think this truce is good enough?

Btw mods, delete this thread once it is agreed upon, don't need it cluttering up the sports section
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you did, I'm offended therefore I'll be suing.

Nick said:
Also, Heat fans: I feel like I might've wronged some of you by questioning your fanship as well.  I'm sorry, friends.  We're all homies here.
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