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NEW TRACK. Flows - I Do It Remix.

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Steady flyin' my own flag like that fitted New Era.
Headin' straight for the gold, you stay in silver man, Sarah.
I impregnated the game, 16 And Pregnant, Farrah.
Yo, my flow and rhymes more graceful than waterfalls in Sierra.
Do it so big, make King Kong look like a midget.
Walk up to your bitch, tip her, then I get her digits.
Leavin' you retarded, f-f-fidget.
Murder every track, I think this beat needs stitches.
See, you get sick, but not like I do.
Killin' pigs with hiccups, you can call it swine flu.
Write a love letter, every syllable is vital.
'Cause I'm married to the game, message is bridal.
Uh, uh, uh, and she down on her knees.
Don't gotta ask for permission, because I do as I please.
Never gave a fuck, but I give her all that I got.
Fruits of labor, life is sweet, oranges, strawberries, and apricots.
Yea, it's a fucking cornucopia.
Step into my world and see my beautiful utopia.
Wake up, write, murder tracks, and repeat.
But the one thing that you'll never hear about is my defeat.
Agony of defeat, man, these ******* need a pedicure.
Definition of hot shit? That's easy, my whole repertoire.
They all think that they killin' shit, but these suckas is a bore.
Y'all only scratchin' the surface, I go straight to the core.
Hit 'em where it hurts, and I always hit my target.
Man, my departure would mean that this game is dearly departed.
Yo, this is strictly cathartic, gotta get it off my mind.
But it is fact that I'm the best that this game will ever find.

I do it, you lose it.
I win it, you finished.
I'm never gonna stop, I'm at the top of my division.
Never gonna lose, you will never see me fall.
Try to cage me in, but now I'm breaking down these walls.
Everybody steppin' out as far as I recall.
Competition missin', out of sight, I can't see y'all.
Uh, Uh, Uh, And success is what I predict.
Prophesize my prophecies, a prophet making profit.
I should be crowned, sippin' Royal out my goblet.
I got this game on lock down, turnin' Hip Hop to a convict.
No, you are not sick, you damn sure ain't contagious.
Eat these pussies up, and make 'em get off my dick, cunnilingus.
You got beef? Well I got angus.
All you haters, kiss my anus.
Ya poppin' at me, but all ya shots, are fuckin' aimless.
I'm ageless, I'm getting older, but I'm never gonna die.
Never gettin' rid of me, strap in and just enjoy the ride.
Occupation? Do it big.
It's my moment, have a Twix.
I don't even have to try, you all so spineless, snappin' twigs.
Ohhh, I do it bigger than B.I.G., I'm notorious, I'm glorious, above all, I'm victorious.
Hot spittin' Rapper, yea, I'm spittin' habaneros.
King Tut, I'm shinin', you'll address me as your pharoah.
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Lol, it was a reference to his size actually, no way in Hell would I say I'm better than him. Thanks though.
Bubbachuck383 said:
Definitely aint doing it bigger that BIG. You got some nice bars though i suppose. Could have definitely been mixed better.
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